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There are many differences between an only child and a child who has siblings.

If you ask me what a culture should be, Native American or otherwise, I say it should be non-normotic or even anti-normotic, the normotic model of course being not only monstrous but unsustainable and due for imminent collapse. So no, I don’t necessarily think they should live exactly as they did in 1491, but I do think they lost (or ) something precious which they may not be able to get back. See, I can talk about what a culture should be like till the cows come home, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything substantive we can do to get the camel out of our collective tent. We simply have to build our social-structures to exist independently of, and resist, the omnipresent top-down hegemonic ones and hope the blowback doesn’t kill us when the collapse comes.

Upthread, Eric mentioned that he was a Wiccan because Wicca did good things to his brain, which leads me to believe that he encountered a Wiccan tradition with definite anti-normotic bits in it. Not exactly what I would choose but hey, horses for courses. Religion is a tool whose use, like all tools, is supposed to bring ostensible benefit to the user. Many of the world’s religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, come with a definitive exoteric/esoteric split; the former being a management tool, the latter being an instruction manual or guidebook for the managers. Rather like The Matrix, actually, although I prefer an analogy from Ira Levin’s , in which the machine’s programmers are recruited from among those who rebel against it.

This subtle change came in very handy after the war. In reality, Nazism was
a more or less isolated occurence of madness, bearing little resemblance to
Fascism. Remember, for example, that Futurism was considered “degenerate
art” by Nazis – a subtle, but sure sign of them being actually a world apart
from each other. I think they just became military allies only because out
of common interests, just like the US supporting Islam mujahedeen in the
Soviet-Afghan war.

But Communism was different. While Marx thought the proletariat would “wake up” just itself, just by the dialectics of history, Lenin introduced the concept of the Communist elite: only a small group of people can understand the goings of history and they have to “educate” the proletariat into supporting them. This is why the ideology was called Marxism-Leninism, because Lenin introduced a lot of new concepts, the most important being the one that not the forces of history, but only the direct agitprop of Communists can get the proletariat to make a revolution. Agitprop was deeply set in the mind of Soviet Communists. They thought agitprop is a lot more than explaining what the goverment does. They thought it is a clever social weapon that induces revolution. It was a core concept of Communism that agitprop is an offensive, and not just a defensive weapon.

The only child wants to have things done right away....

I sure as hell hope esr is trying to show the greatest disparity possible. Mormons believe most fervently in being nice to the neighbors and following the laws of the land (criminal behavior is an excommunication offense, and is regularly enforced). Mormons are a bit overboard on the “convert your neighbor” thing, but the only ones really working at it, do so out of a genuine concern for their neighbors eternal welfare.

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The results showed that 92% of neonatal mortality is for children born to mothers with no education, 5% for children born to mothers with primary education, 2% for children born to mothers with secondary education and only 0.6% for children born to mothers with post-secondary education.

An only child’s role model is usually their mom or dad....

Fact: Children with siblings relate and talk to their siblings rather than their parents. The only child’s primary role models are parents. The result is that only children copy adult behavior as well as adult speech patterns and develop good reasoning skills early on making them better equipped to handle the ups and downs of growing up. A good thing, for sure.

some people believe that it's a nightmare and prefer to be an only child

Fact: Because of adult guidance and lack of siblings to lean on, only children are more self-reliant and independent than those who have brothers and sisters to fend for them.

10 Amazing Things About Being—and Having—an Only Child

Fact: Being spoiled is a reflection of our society. The Chinese feared they were raising a generation of “little emperors” when their only child policy was in effect. Looking back 30 years later researchers have found that only children are not particularly spoiled and found no difference in only children’s relationships with friends when studied with children who had siblings.

Jun 03, 2014 · Advantages and disadvantages of being an only ..

Fact: There is no scientific evidence. Jerome Singer, Ph.D., professor of psychology and child study at Yale University, confirms that the imagination required to create make-believe friends “is not the exclusive property of the ‘only’ child, the isolated, the ill or the handicapped. Imaginary friends serve a purpose of meeting a need—to confront loneliness, to combat a fear, or to compensate for feelings of weakness in relation to adults or older children.” Any child can feel that need. Nevertheless, parents of only children wonder why come to be and if they should be worried. Studies also reveal , their friendships, and loneliness

Advantages and disadvantages of being an only child

Fact: Only children learn quickly that attempting to run the show, a ploy that they may get away with at home, doesn’t work with friends and a bossy, aggressive attitude is a quick ticket to ostracism from the group. Lacking siblings, only children want to be included and well liked. Studies have shown that parents can play a big role in helping to ensure that their only child “.”