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In 1981, IBM introduced the Personal Computer (PC) and Dell saw this as a business opportunity.

— According to , God realized his plan in an entirely gratuitous manner: "He sent His Son,...the Eternal Word, who enlightens all men, so that He might dwell among men and tell them of the innermost being of God (cf. 1:1-18). Jesus Christ, therefore, the Word made flesh...’’ ( 3:34), and completes the work of salvation which his Father gave him to do (cf. 5:36; 17:4)" ( 4). Jesus took up and completely fulfilled the purpose, meaning, history and plan of the Word of God in his earthly life and, presently, from his place in heaven, because, as St. Irenaeus states, Christ "has brought us everything new in bringing himself to us (5).

— God’s plan presumes that revelation has a history. The author of the Letter to the Hebrews states: ( 1:1-2). It follows then that Jesus as the Word of God derives his meaning from his mission, namely, his purpose is bringing others to the Kingdom of God (cf. 13:1-9); he manifests himself in his words and deeds; he expresses his power in miracles; his task is breathing life into the mission of his disciples, sustaining them in the love of God and neighbour and in the care of the poor; he reveals the fullness of his truth in the Paschal mystery, awaiting its total revelation at the end of history; until then, he guides the life of the Church in time.

— At the same time, the Word of Jesus must be understood, as he himself says, according to the Scriptures (cf. 24: 44-49), namely, in the history of the People of God in the Old Testament, who awaited him as Messiah, and now, in the history of the Christian community, which proclaims him through preaching, meditates upon him in the Bible, experiences his friendship and lives under his guidance. According to St. Bernard: In the plan of the Incarnation of the Word, Christ is the centre of the Scriptures. The Word of God, already audible in the first covenant, has become visible in Christ (6).

Dell Computer's entered the market with strong strategic vision and stronger strategic management.

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, The Untold History of the United States (New York: Gallery Books, 2012), p. 362; Mann, A Grand Delusion, p. 636; and Small, Antiwarriors, p. 112.

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Senate “doves” included George McGovern (D-South Dakota), Frank Church (D-Idaho), Eugene McCarthy (D-Minnesota), John Sherman Cooper (R-Kentucky), Mark Hatfield (R-Oregon), Clifford Case (R-New Jersey), Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisconsin), Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), Edmund Muskie (D-Maine), Alan Cranston (D-California), Al Gore Sr. (D-Tennessee), Joseph Clark (D-Pennsylvania), Harold Hughes (D-Iowa), Charles Goodell (R-New York), and Stephen Young (D-Ohio), with moderate support from Mike Mansfield (D-Montana), J. William Fulbright (D-Arkansas), and George Aiken (R-Vermont). The two foremost critics of the war in earlier years, Wayne Morse (D-Oregon) and Ernest Gruening (D-Alaska), were defeated in the November 1968 Congressional elections. Goodell was defeated in 1970.

Plato is one of the most influential thinkers in human history.

This simple notion gives Dell several competitive advantages over its competitor....

— During liturgical celebrations, , a dialogue which reaches its highest degree of dynamism in the Eucharistic assembly. Throughout the history of the People of God, both in biblical and post-biblical times, the Bible has been, from the very beginning, the book providing assistance in God’s relationship with his People, namely, the book of worship and prayer. Indeed, the Liturgy of the Word "is not so much a time for meditation and catechesis as , a dialogue in which the wonders of salvation are proclaimed and the demands of the Covenant are continually restated" (45).

– the Word of God sustains the Church throughout her history;

In the homily, preachers need to make a greater effort to be faithful to the biblical text and mindful of the condition of the faithful, providing them assistance in interpreting the events of their personal lives and historical happenings in the light of faith. This biblical aspect can opportunely be supplemented with the basics of theology and morality. Consequently, a proper formation of future ministers is indispensable. Some recommend the blending of hymns and music to the communication of the Word of God and a greater appreciation of words and silence. Outside of the liturgy, various forms of dramatization of the Word of God are possible in writings, figures and also noble artistic works, such as, religious shows.

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— , received as an inheritance and a testament given to readers to make present in its life the history of salvation therein recorded in writing. Therefore, a mutual, life-giving relationship exists between the People and the book. The Bible becomes alive in the People’s reading it. The People cannot exist without the Book, because it contains its reason for existence, its calling and its very identity.

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One American solider, Jeff Drake, who did two Army tours in Vietnam between July 1970 and February 1972, was incensed to find that “many ARVNs did not want to have anything to do with fighting the Viet Cong.” He resented this for many years after returning home. In time, however, after reading about the history of Vietnam, he came to a different view. He had been “incorrect,” he wrote, in his belief:

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b. understanding the history and the diffusion of the Word of God in one’s own community, diocese, nation, continent and the Church in general, in order to recognize the great wonders of God (), to perceive better what needs are to be addressed and what initiatives must be undertaken and to raise solidarity with communities through material and spiritual resources.

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For the Vietnamese, the war front was their home front. Tran Thi Gung, a southerner who joined the NLF in 1963 at the age of seventeen, after her father had been killed by the Diem government, told the historian Christian Appy in an interview some forty-five years later: