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Loeb made high and low stressing conditions to test if the food choice among the 40 women differs if they were placed in different stress leveled environment....

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Food these days need to be stored for longer periods of time from studies shown subway eggs have ingredients of glycerin which is a solution in car manufacturing.

About any type of fast food is considered unhealthy.

Eating habits of families have also changed due to the adoption of fast foods. Parents and children munching on packaged foods sitting in front of a television is now a common sight. Gone are the days when families used to sit around a table to enjoy a meal.

Fast food contains low nutritional benefits.

To conclude, fast foods have a negative impact on almost all aspects of our life and the environment. In my opinion, it is high time we expelled them from our lives.

Unlike healthy food, junk food can be found at convenient locations.

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Can I talk practical skills in my body paragraph in general or should I state the examples given? If I did not, my task response would be affected, right?

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I would like to ask if there are examples in the writing task 2 question, should we linked our paragraph on the examples stated or we can talk to in general?
For instance,
Some people think that school children need to learn practical skills such as car maintenance or bank account management?

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Without any government intervention in the fast food/sugary beverage market, resources are over-allocated at Qe, which creates spillover costs equal to the distance between the marginal social benefit and marginal private benefit....

Junk food is a pejorative ..

Ironically, this vast number of junk eaters is not aware of the health-wrecking decision they take when they stop by McDonald’s for lunch one day after another; or is that not the case....

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Many health conscious people will talk about the many benefits of taxing unhealthy foods, but they tend to leave out the drawbacks of taxing such things.

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After all, It is the individuals choice where, and what to eat, but on another note, fast food restaurants have a very appealing way in getting buyers, and basically tricking society into eating processed junk food that is high in calories and fats....

differences between healthy and junk foods

The drawbacks include the large opposition to this tax, the economic impact, as well as the consequences of charging people more for food that was originally considered low in price....

The Bad Effects of Fast Food Essay Today, there are over thousands and millions of a same type of place that ruins your health severely around the world.

But to be such a powerhouse and beacon of some much opportunity, The United States is struggling to provide families with the sufficient amount of food.