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DNA profiling techniques and databases have developed largely over the last fifteen years, and the recent expansions are only a part of an ongoing trend of ‘function creep’ that characterizes database expansion.

Proposition 69 and the DNA Fingerprint Act expand DNA databases originally designed to house DNA samples from violent criminals to include samples from anyone arrested for a felony crime....

DNA databases are used to identify, track, catalogue, apprehend, and prosecute the perpetrators of crimes. Today, national and international law enforcement agencies exchange DNA profiles found at crime scenes to identify serial perpetrators and to help solve crimes around the globe. As of January 2010, the United States has the largest forensic DNA database in the world with over offender DNA profiles and over 300,000 forensic profiles. The second largest DNA database is in the United Kingdom with over DNA profiles. The state of California has more than offender California DNA profiles making it the third-largest DNA database in the world.

DNA Forensics is a centralized source of national and international news and resources about the latest developments concerning DNA databases. DNA Forensics focuses on states that have passed laws to take DNA of arrestees, (people arrested for a crime but not yet convicted) and the innovative but still controversial technique of familial searches, where the DNA profile of an unidentified suspect is run deliberately through the DNA database in the hope that it will be partially matched with the DNA of the suspect's family member. Furthermore, DNA Forensics provides forensic news, conference reports and interviews with leading forensic professionals and law enforcement.

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We will input your DNA code into our comprehensive database to produce matches - other people in the world with whom you share the same DNA sequence. We plot these matches on our world map, and use them to estimate where you should find your true ancestral origins.

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