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The poem then describes the loving relationship between the phoenix and the turtledove.
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In the forty years since “After Zeno,” Ryan has made herself a master of the off-balance, slightly syncopated rhyme that both hides and reveals depths of anxiety, muted horror. Her most personal poem, written in adolescence but reprinted in maturity, uses nonsensical lightness as self-protection and self-revelation. Later ones maintain greater subtlety.

Including the mother turtle meeting the babies on the beach and the fact that the 99 turtles that don’t survive the journey are then food for other animals, which adds to the great circle of life and death.

After studying this poem I have learned that not only is Mark O’Connor a writer and poet but he is also an amateur biologist.

I offer one example among many, “Turtle.” Ryan draws us in with what promises to become a poem in couplets. The first line has ten syllables, the second one twelve with an off-center caesura:

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Her first collection, (1963), is rooted in amythical sense of the land and exhibits simplicity and a fine mastery of form, though somecritics found the poems mannered. Like Robert Frost, her plain language and conventionalforms could mask attention to an uncommon vision of nature's forces. The poems in (1972) call up an Ohio heritage and reclaim itthrough memory and myth, while her chapbooks, (1978) and (1978), develop the mythic dimension more fully, using themes of dreams,birth, and death. Oliver charts a course in the twenty-six poems of betweentwo worlds, human and natural, where the individual faces loneliness and yearns totranscend the limited human world. In "Winter Sleep," the speaker voices heraffinity with the she-bear who is the night traveler of the book's title and whose image,closely identified with the poet, reappears in later work. This desire to merge withnature's kingdom opens Oliver's fourth collection, (1979), in itsfirst poem, "Sleeping in the Forest," a poem where the poet vanishes over andover into the earth. Crafted thematically, presents a wholistic visionof natural cycles, balancing these processes, as she does eloquently in the twelve poems, with what exists in human experience.

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The item, entitled "The Hoosieroons," begins: "The good citizens of our young sister, Indiana, are pretty generally known throughout the West by the singular appelation of "Hooshers." -- The following rhymes, from a young Hoosheroon, convey a very graphical picture of Hoosher life on the frontiers of Indiana."A section of Finley's poem follows:"The Hoosieroons" also appeared reprinted in with the May, 1833 issue.

Tortoise Essay- English Essay On Tortoise Turtle For Kids

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This feeling of relief is then dashed with the phrase, “the shadow, a thousand times larger”, which immediately makes the reader feel like there is danger that is usually associated with shadows is coming.
This poem ends with a feeling of relief that the turtle is not dead and the connotation of lifecycle again appears as you realise the consequences of the turtle making it off the beach.

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It is natural, and often legitimate, to warm to a writer who seems to be speaking directly to you, even about you. A book is a mirror in which we find ourselves reflected, sometimes when we least expect to. I think of Ammons’s great small poem “Reflective”:

The phoenix and the turtle poem analysis essay

I return to Howard Nemerov and Marilyn Monroe, with whom I began. Ryan does not start out Emily and wind up Walt; instead, she maintains a tensile strength that packs depth and power, as well as lightness and delicacy, into articulations that save and then transcend time. Living may not be delicate but poems can lighten its difficulty. Consider Dr. Johnson on literature: its purpose is to allow its readers the better to enjoy life or the better to endure it. Ryan’s poems do both.

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What is your initial impression of the poem's subject? Try writing out an answer to the question, "What is this poem about?"--and then return to this question throughout your analysis. Push yourself to be precise; aim for more than just a vague impression of the poem. What is the author's attitude toward his or her subject?

The phoenix and the turtle poem analysis essays

Heralded for its perceptions of the visible world and the lyric intensity of Oliver'svoice, (1983), like no other collection before it, celebratesunion with the natural world, immersion in wood and swamp, and becoming other: bear, owl,or whale. For Oliver, the desire to become another begins with longing that originates inthe body, but the mind presents an opposing impulse and attempts to bring the body toself-consciousness. "Blossom" and "The Plum Tree" capture this battlebetween body and mind in a series of oppositions, and while the poems have an edge ofdidacticism, the sensuous images triumph. In "Crossing the Swamp" and"August," the speakers in the poems merge easily with the other; in the former,she becomes the swamp, her body sprouting branches from the swamp's life force; in"August," she is the bear, more animal than human. Through Oliver's repeatingverbs of desire, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1984,sings its belief that fusion with nature or merging with the non-human releases the self'smultiplicity, fluidity, and ultimate joy.

"Jabberwocky" is a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll about the killing of a creature named "the Jabberwock"

Mark O’Connor also includes himself in this stanza by using I.
The second half of this poem gives the impression that the poet is frustrated that he cannot help the turtles.