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By William Gilpin, ..." Three Essays: On Picturesque Beauty; on Picturesque Travel; and on Sketching Landscape: To Which Is Added a Poem, on Landscape Painting.

He said, "I hope to shrew in the course of this work, that the picturesque has a character not less separate and distinct than either the sublime or the beautiful, nor lass independent of the art of painting" ("Essays of the Picturesque" Sir Uvedale Pric).

Examining the following pictures by Gilpen, one can see the visual difference between the two: The Beautiful
The smooth
The Perfect The Rough
The Real
The Rugged Sir Uvedale Price, a philosopher on the picturesque, somewhat agreed with Gilpin, but did not go all the way to say that picturesque and beauty and opposites of the other.

In her essay The Picturesque and Ready to Wear, Birmingham uses 18th century art critics to illustrate her point Theorectiocal: Three Essays, Price Favorite : Story Author Follow.

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An essay on artificial water, and on the method in which picturesque banks may be practically formed.--An essay on the decorations near the house.--An essay on architecture and buildings, as cnnected with scenery.

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