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These are some of the ways that the government can regulate the use of tobacco in its country to avoid health expenses.
Section 5: Media Impact
The media is a channel that possibly transmits its messages to the society either through the radio, magazines, internet or newspapers.

However, the government can successfully control or regulate the use of tobacco through the regulation of national policies and legislations (Landman, Anne, Pamela and Stanton, 44).

Their messages are disseminated to the people via the media (Jiang, Nan and Pamela, 167).
American Legacy Foundation is the well-known anti- tobacco foundation that fights against the production and use of tobacco products.

This is because they are mature people who can be informed about the impacts of tobacco and make the right choices with disregard for the benefits they are going to get from the sponsorships.

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More than 3000 youths are introduced in the smoking prevalence in a single day.
The rapid growth of the media has brought about the tremendous expansion of tobacco industry and its use.

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This document is prepared with the objective to summarize the current evidence on this topic (tobacco use includes smoked tobacco, smokeless tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke).

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