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This, Campbell further contends, may be the origin of compassion, brotherhood and altruism, in other words the inverse of war.

California Newsreel is proud to re-release this important film for the first time on DVD with special commentary by Bill Jersey and Sam Keen.

Keen: The same thing as anyone else, essentially. Many of the abused women in the program were afraid of loneliness and of not being able to take care of themselves, so they stayed in abusive relationships. Trapeze helped them to discover that being alone and independent is less frightening than an abusive relationship. They also learned something about trust. One woman said to me, "I don't trust men. I think they're after me all the time. But having people on the safety lines, helping me on the board, and catching me has made me reevaluate my attitude."

It helps us understand how systems corrupt citizens to hate an arbitrarily designated "Other" and soldiers to want to kill that "Other-Enemy."
The addition of Sam Keen's updated commentary adds further depth and power to this vital narrative, making it truly breathtaking.

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Any reasonable analysis would conclude that Abdullah—a Hashemite king in a largely Palestinian country, a weak monarch in a period of popular uprising—is in a precarious position. Prices and unemployment rates are high. Corruption is rife. Jordan faces border problems not only from Syria but also from Anbar Province, on the Iraqi frontier, and hostilities from Iran and Al Qaeda, which has always regarded Abdullah as an enemy. On November 9, 2005, Iraqi suicide bombers attacked three hotels in Amman, killing sixty people—an event that Jordanians refer to as “our 9/11.” The mastermind of those attacks was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was a native of Zarqa, in northern Jordan, and the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, until he was killed by American forces, in 2006.

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Herewith, a selection to get you started. (Please send others that trouble, challenge, and inspire you to: Sam Keen, 16331 Norrbom Rd. Sonoma, California 95476)

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Using archival news footage, public service announcements, and editorial cartoons, Keen unveils the same frightening pattern in conflict after conflict - World War II, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, Islamic and Christian Fundamentalism - and prefigures the current War on Terrorism.

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Faces of the Enemy contends that before a drop of blood is spilled we must ‘think each other to death.’ It is a story replayed on the nightly news, in Islamic Fundamentalists’ characterization of the West as the ‘Great Satan’ and our own stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists.

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Sam Keen: I was brought up within the Southern fundamentalist-Christian tradition, which was a very monolithic culture with an unbroken mythology. So I grew up as a "believer." But there was one fly in the ointment: I had a very questioning mind. The more questions I asked, the more I disturbed people around me. The questions that disturbed people the most became the ones I most wanted to answer.

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Since then, I've spent my life cultivating knowledge of myself. But the more I know myself, the more utterly mysterious I become: Where did I come from? Where do these capacities come from? Where do these tastes come from? Where did the liveliness of my life come from? Where did the Sam Keen-ness of me come from? I can tell you all about my past, but that is no answer to these questions.

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Keen: I put the paradox this way: the spiritual journey is one that we must take "alone together," in the same way that a good marriage involves a dance between solitude and communion. The life of the spirit entails a continuous alternation between retreating into oneself and going out into the world: it's an inward-outward journey. There is a solitary part to it, but that solitude helps us to develop richer and more in-depth relationships with our friends, our children, our community, and the political world. It's always a back-and-forth.

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This interview was adapted from the public radio series "Insight & Outlook." It was published in the October 1999 issue of The Sun magazine under the title "On the Flying Trapeze: Sam Keen Ponders How to Be Free." It also appears in the book Saga: The Best New Writings on Mythology, edited by Jonathan Young (White Cloud Press, 2001).