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It is happy however, to show support for the students, as long as they toe the line and conform.

I went to college starting 2002 and pursued a B.A. in Asian Studies; I also went to China on a school program. I wanted to be a translator in Mandarin. It never happened because I did not achieve fluency during my short stay, and could not get into the Master’s Program I wanted. I would have had to go back to China for years and years, losing contact with my boyfriend (now husband) and my friends.

I am a long way into college.. about 3.5 years and about to complete my BA in Science of Business. The initial reason for dedicating myself to attending college was to prepare myself for competitive jobs with mid to high level pay.
But it seemed that the 1st year I made less $ and the following even less. Well, I am a business major and what I have learned throughout the many courses was everything but how to attain these jobs that I disillusioned myself with.
Per the previous post I think I could be categorized as “a guy who just chose the wrong major”. Or does the issue of disconnect come into play because I completed these courses online. Not sure but I am seriously reconsidering opting out of completing the rest of my education and focusing more on a potential business that I wanted to launch for some time.

I spent the first four years post high school serving in the Navy. When I left the military I began college at the community level, and after about three semesters I have concluded that college is not really for me. First off, I feel I have learned more in the Navy then I can possibly learn in any college. Second, I have discovered I learn new things actually working in the field for which those things apply. This is a facet that is missing whole sale from the college experiance. Math classes are a great example of this. Why is math hard to students?? It is one of the few subjects taught with little to no connection to real world applications, aside from scant boring text book examples. Work experiance should be valued the same as college credits. Another huge learning resource…the internet. Todays youth can learn more about everything from the internet then they could most colleges. I now go to U of Google.

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I have been attending an online college for 6 months now at the UOP and I can’t even get a teacher to return my phone call. They don’t give a rats ass if you make it or not. I have been thrown into a class that I do not comprehend and I can’t get anyone to help me to understand it. It costs 9,000.00 to attend and I am livid over the fact that they leave you on your opw here. I am going to seek an attorney to find out what I can do about this if anything. I am sick to my stomach everytime I go to there website and see my grades go down further and further because I dont comprehend the week before, so how do they expect me to understand the next or the next. This is a sad story for me to tell and I am a single dad with an 8yr old boy who also suffers. F$%@# UOP

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One thing to remember: college, no matter how pointless and bs a class seems, is about submitting TO assignments. This was always so hard for me, I’m passionate about a lot to the point if I can’t get into something, I can hardly do it. Eating shit you hate is an essential skill that that piece of paper certifies you know how to do. I guess I’ll go back to eating hourly wage labor. Funny I have no real job skills after all these years except for maybe that required IT 101 class, which I hated.

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07/07/2008 · I'm writing my application essay for the University of Connecticut, but I couldn't find on their website how long(or how many words) the essay should be.

But it’s not all about the money, the number one reason I believe people go to college is because it’s the safe route, they’re too afraid to take any chances, which again, is fine, but it’s not my prerogative. We only get one life to live and you don’t know how long your going to be here for, why not do something DIFFERENT and enjoy yourself, leave your mark, make a difference.

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Coming from a rather poor family, I am pretty practical, and saw no reason to incur the additional 2 years of debt, to have to pay it off in a corporate job. Besides I already had job offers, so I just quit and took one. I learned the ropes in the real world and now just work for myself. I actually tried going back at one point “just for that piece of paper” but about halfway through the semester I realized how backwards the education system was. And being back in school with what I thought were sheep was pretty backwards in the Information Age. Now if I had a free ride just to take classes, sure, yeah, I would take them, but the outrageous tuition these days isn’t worth it whatsoever unless you want to be a corporate drone rat race type. That is the type of jobs college prepares you for. I do the same thing on the internet in subjects I am interested in, MIT has Open Courseware and other universities offer their material up for free too. You can get any textbook college uses on amazon.

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The error lots of people are making when harshly judging the students that drop is that they don’t understand that some people already know how life works.
People keep saying “well yeah you have to take useless classes, get used to it, you have to do lots of things in real life you don’t want to”, and this is ridiculous. For one, not everybody goes to college immediately after the 12th grade, and all of those people already have life experience. Secondly, many people Work one if not a couple jobs THROUGHOUT High school, and pay their own bills if not helping to pay the bills of their family and everything. These people are well acquainted with real world life and how to do tough things. A lot more so than most college students, I would wager.
So for those people to suddenly realize that they are paying way way way more than they need to buy their own house, just so they can live in an 8 by 16 room with another person, eat shitty food, be broke all the time and spend lots of valuable time going to/doing work for classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your field and will never help you in the future; Dropping out seems like a good idea sometimes.dude i find that the main reason people drop out is for money issues people say you shouldn’t drop out thats so stupid why are you doing that well what else are they suppose to do if they work their asses off and spending money on important stuff but can’t afford college anymore they can’t do anything but drop out and maybe start over who knows and sure there are scholarships and grants but there not always available o well…LOL at # 151 advice, so beautifully told…Btw Im a second Year at CSU Chico, and I find it real difficult finding some motivation. I do tell myself that I wish it wasnt me who would be the first to be in college in my family then I begin to start feeling the pressure….eh!, I’m now making a decision to transfer to a community college and get an Associates Degree. I probably should done that first…However, I still have my options.