An anti-religious terrorism message found on the Internet:

But, the most important terrorism attacks were on the Pearl Harbor and nine – eleven.

You're right that 9/11 was a statistical outlier, at least in the sense that it should never have happened if terrorism deaths followed a normal distribution. The error a lot of people make with just enough statistics to be dangerous is to assume everything follows a Gaussian distribution, and that the data is wrong if any data point is too extreme. The correct approach is to accept that a Gaussian distribution might be the wrong model.

The root cause of jihadi terrorism is both the Western invasion of Iraq and the continued global propagation of wahabism and salafism by Saudi Arabia, our faithful Western ally in the Middle East.

Fair enough. You'll that since 9/11 in the US terrorist attacks by anti-government, racist and other non-jihadi extremists have killed nearly twice as many people as those by Islamists.

Unless I misinterpreted the comments of the people I was replying to, it would seem that this was exactly what they claimed, either directly or indirectly. Hence also my inclusion of gang related killings that terrorize entire neighbourhoods and which indeed have nothing to do with Muslims.

The government arrests journalists for terrorism and an opinion.

No, what you're saying is terrorism rarely happens in Israel despite all kinds of people that hate it being present there. In the U.S., terrorism also rarely happened. Like in U.S., with TSA and such, you're attributing that to Israel's security measures. Some evidence backs that up at places like airports but harder to say in other aspects.

Terrorism means the organized use of.

According to Robert Johnston's , there have been a grand total of 2,558 terrorist fatalities in Israel since 1948. (last updated January 2016). With the exception of 2001, figures on an average year in Israel are indeed higher than in the .

Internet was the catalyst for the expansion of worldwide affairs.

The root cause of Sunni terrorism against the West is not the actions of Western countries and certainly not their recent actions, but Salafism. Most Salafists are not likely to commit personally acts of terrorism any more than most racists are likely to go on a shooting spree in a black church. However, most Salafists, like racists, have a radical set of beliefs that condone, excuse, and rationalize acts of terrorism.

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The Zionazis' most hilarious counter-terror brainstorm was pounding your macro-scale concentration camp with DU that immediately blew back home on the prevailing winds. You morons . Can a whole Apartheid regime win the Darwin Awards?

Terrorism and the Internet: cross-impacts and what can be done about them while upholding freedom of speech and expression?

Why just last week Obama censored President Hollande's speech in the White House, wiping out the word "Islamic" before the word 'terror". In all matters terrorist, not calling a spade a spade can only mean one thing: people will die. Pray to the almighty Sun that Americans will drop the stupid PC and get their act together.

Terrorism Essay 531 words - 2 pages Why do people resort to such violent acts as bombing, assassinations, and hi-jacking

And so you are wrong again: US and Israel are NOT (yet) in the same boat concerning terrorism and, considering all this, Israel is doing an absolutely brilliant counter-terrorism job while US is inanely rolling down a steep bank.

The use of cyber terrorism has been applied to further damage caused by traditional terrorist activities

As to Israel being less safe than US, consider that (a) Israel has 20% Arab Muslim population (b) Israel is surrounded by 150 million Muslims, many of whom are Jihadists trying to push through Israel's borders. If the US would have 20% (proportionally) of this kind of terrorist potential at its borders and inside the country, you would not only be unsafe, most of you would be dead by now (if US would carry on like it currently does on security and PC).

Generally, cyber-terrorism is defined as an attack on electronic communication networks

1. Excluding 9/11 is cherry picking the data in the extreme. It's like saying Europe was a peaceful place in the 20th century, if you exclude WWI and WWII.
2. The number of deaths is a much more useful metric than the number of attacks.
3. This, "Every once and a while, we have people positing that radicalised muslims are the prime source of terrorism and violent deaths in the West." is a straw man. No one, not even Fox News, claims that most violent deaths in the US are the result of terrorism, Islamic or otherwise.
4. I'm not sure why you're bringing up gang violence, but you're wrong on the racial stats there too. Gangs in the US are overwhelmingly African American or Hispanic. It's been at least 30 years since the Italian and Irish mobs were the dominant players in US organized crime.