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Anyone who believes that 'literature'can be defined by such special uses of language has to face the fact thatthere is more metaphor in Manchester than there is in Marvell.

But what if I were to hear someone at the next pub table remark'This is awfully squiggly handwriting!' Is this 'literary' or 'non-literary'language? As a matter of fact, it is 'literary' language becauseit comes from Knut Hamsun's novel Hunger.

They were not out to define 'literature', but 'literariness'-special uses of language, which could be found in 'literary' texts butalso in many places outside them.

An autobiographical essay need not be one of those hurdles.

What Makes a Memoir Different …A literary agent discusses the contents of a quality memoir and how it differs from an autobiography or biography.

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This, as I have suggested, does not necessarilymean that they will refuse the title of literature to a work which theyhave come to deem inferior: they may still call it literature, meaningroughly that it belongs to the type of writing which they generally value.

in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

It is a first person account of the candidate's life and may or may not be on a particular theme.

I know this because thetexture, rhythm and resonance of your words are in excess of their abstractable meaning -or as the linguists might more technically put it, thereis disproportion between the signifies and the signifies Your languagedraws attention to itself, flaunts its material being, as statementslike 'Don't you know the drivers are on strike?' do not.

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This, in effect, was the definition of the 'literary' advanced by theRussian formalists, who included in their ranks Viktor Sh1ovsky, RomanJakobson, Osip Brik, Yury Tynyanov, Boris Eichenbaum and Boris Tomashevsky.

Complete text of Read's 1958 essay. Also includes an introduction by Milton Friedman and an afterword by Donald Boudreaux.

More often than not, I was right about what they were thinking as well.

Then on this day, my mother was not only heartbroken that her husband had decided to leave her, she was absolutely terrified at the prospect of having to raise three kids alone.

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In the following essay I would like to go back and reconnect a few things that may have become disjointed in sketches of posthumanist theory. In particular, the points to revisit are: the poststructuralist critique of the subject, the postmodernist approach to autobiography and the notion of the posthuman itself. I will briefly return to the work of Haraway and Hayles, before setting out the relationship between the often proclaimed ‘death of the subject’, postmodern autobiography, and a few examples of what might be termed ‘posthuman auto-biographies’.

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A militant, polemical group of critics: they rejectedthe quasi-mystical symbolist doctrines which had influenced literarycriticism before them, and in a practical, scientific spirit shifted attentionto the material reality of the literary text itself.

An essay has been defined in a variety of ways

If you approach me at busstop and murmur 'Thou still unravished bride of quietness' then I am instantlyaware that I am in the presence of the literary.

SparkNotes: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Upon my cousin Sean's arrival home, he begged his mom for an extended curfew, after all he was the star of the 19991 homecoming football game at Royalton high school, he should have been able to stay out later.