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Key Sociological Topics:
justified irresponsibility
role and role homogeneity
social structure

Specialised areas
Environmental sociology
Human ecology (sometimes included into sociology proper)
Industrial sociology
Medical sociology
Micro sociology
Political sociology
Rural sociology
Sociology of religion
Sociology of science and technology
Systems theory
Urban sociology

Wright mills uses a term the sociological imagination, it is the theory that people’s lives are shaped essentially by greater social forces and society’s expectations rather than biology and genetics....

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To examine literature from the perspective of Marxist social theory is a quintessential form of sociological criticism, as Marxism primarily deals with political and economic ideas of communism and social inequality.

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This research attempts to understand the sociological aspect of obesity by examining the socio-cultural, gender, and psycho-social effects and includes the different perceptions of the epidemic as well as what is deemed acceptable in the society we live in.

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Sociology can be used for practical purposes to identify and understand social problems.

The paper compares the media-induced ideal body image with significant role models of today’s youth and the surrounding historical icons of pop-culture while exploring various sociological perspectives surrounding this issue....

Bell (ed) Sociology of Everyday Life in New Zealand..

Looking at the psychology of a situation while simultaneously considering the sociological implications is important because these two ideas are intertwined and both affect the human psyche....

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The interaction between my family and I, the relationships I have built with my friends, and my financial status would all be examples of the sociological issues in my life.

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The survival of sociology as a critical theoretical discipline is a concern expressed by many, such as contemporary social analyst George Ritzer, who are forging new paths of application that represent a paradigm shift in this classical social legacy....

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This assignment will summarise the articles I have chosen to read, which will provide me with a wider understanding of education in a sociological sense as opposed to my original common sense.

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"The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates," by Howard Bloom. Prometheus Books; New edition (2016-FEB) Available in Kindle format for $7.45 and paperback for $14.28 and hardcover.

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Describe Adorno’s ‘sociological’ critique of Wagner’s leitmotivic practice and compare this with the rather well-disposed judgments that he made in his analysis of Berg’s string quartet, op.

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Sociologists today use the three theoretical perspectives, conflict, functionalist, and interactionist theory to understand the range of issues and phenomenon in societies.