Never allow yourself to be made a victim.

When you stand up for principles of goodness and virtue it may feel like a mob attack.

The track equipmentdetects train car wheels, not human feet so the equipment and humanoperators can't tell you're occupying a point before they move it andlock your foot in place.

Well, keep in mind that hydrocarbon chemistry is very well understood territory. All of our hydrocarbon-based fuel sources are merely ways of storing energy in the molecular structure of carbon and hydrogen. The ultimate source of this energy has traditionally been current (ethanol, methanol) or ancient (oil, gas, coal) solar power. Note also that it is quite reasonable to transform essentially any of them into liquid fuel appropriate for transportation. The problem you face is one of energy: it often takes so much energy to transform one hydrocarbon into another, more useful form that it isn’t worth doing. But the primary virtue of hydrocarbon energy sources is *not* in their energy production, it is in their easy transport (as liquid fuel) and high energy value per volume and weight.

Squatters who look like they've been camping for a long time mayget run into the local police station so I'd suggest you keep yourcamp looking new and have a good story to tell about calling a friendto come pick you up in a few days -- and make sure the name andtelephone of your friend is valid even if said friend isn't aware thatyou're squatting.

Give yourself 3 words that you're not allowed to use while writing about it.

If I recall correctly, I believe James Gosling, the creator of Java, noted that he looked at up to 10 different ways to test for “equality”, each of which is useful in a specific context. I believe it was in the C/C++ Journal that I read, in a discussion on overriding the equality operator, that there are 26 different notions of equality. Scheme has three different functions for testing equality: EQ, EQL, and EQUAL, each of which can yield different results for lists that have sublists as members.

This group of people tend to be younger than the motorcycle crowd.

The use of bloodlines as a means to determine the content of character is a short-cut, it being much easier determine who someone’s parent is than determine how they will behave under pressure or temptation. Racists make similar gratuitous associations for exactly the same reason: they can’t prove or disprove someone’s character traits, so they make an assertion based on an assumption of a causal/property connection whose property (skin color) is easier to determine.

Save upyour money before you run and you'll give yourself a chance.

Standing up for one's belief is very important, especially if it's the right thing to do.

Stand up for Democracy? Yes. But let’s be just a little bit smarter about backing election boycotts in Iran that then lead to Islamofascists in power. And let’s be a little smarter about promoting elections in Palestine when we are not willing to abide by the results. That makes us look like hypocrites and helps no cause.

Stand up for free speech, even when offensive? Absolutely.

Beefing up security in sensitive and vulnerable targets? Yes. Too bad the Marianas Islands and the Virgin Islands get more of our national security dollars per capita than DC and NYC and LA combined. Is it coincidence that the Marianas were an Abramoff client? (Have you heard about the classified documents regarding security threats in the Marianas that were shown to Abramoff by Ashcroft, despite the fact that the lobbyist had no secirity clearance? If it’s true as Abramoff bragged, that’s another glaring case of this administration releasing sensitive information when it helps their own inscrutable purposes. And then prosecuting everyone else.)

of standing up for themselves

The second one’s less invidious than you might think – a lot of guys have a tendency to produce a light mist of urine when they stand, and a lot of women can detect it on various surfaces afterwards and don’t like it much. Course, your partner (I might be presuming too much here) may not be worthy of such consideration. But if your masculinity depends in any way on The Right To Pee-Stand In A Shared Environment you have my, er, sympathy.

You might tell a story about being bullied or harassed, about standing up for yourself, or about befriending an outcast

Grover: “Wow, I cant beleive how paranoid you Americans are….. Youd prefer to ignore that the US has DIRECTLY massacred many millions of people for all sorts of reasons.”

How should Christians stand up for their faith in such an anti-Christian world? Why does it seem that the world is so hostile towards Christians?

>current movement in Germany to sigmatize men when they piss standing up.
My wife, a German, says that the Spuk is a “gag gift” that’s been around since Dworkin’s fish entered the Tour de France.
Whether or not it’s a subtle facet of a general assault on masculinity, who can say? Ambiguity is the spice of disinformation.

How should Christians stand up for their faith in such …

NO responsiblity without causation, period. You’re in no position to posit or propagate gratuitious moral cause-and-effect relationships when you insist on judging me for what others have done. It smacks of a revival of the “royal blood/common blood” fallacy that insisted that virtue flowed via bloodlines, only you turn it around and insist that responsibility flows via bloodlines. I don’t believe ANY of that BS. Why should I honor a judgement derived from a patently deficient moral code that insists, among other things, that people are judged by the group they belong? on unvoluntarily imposed responsibility for the deeds of another? that blindly accepts accusations and demands some sort of response without concrete proof?