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-- for comparison.
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"Antonio's Revenge" by John Marston, is mentioned bya contemporary source as 1601,and has a very similar plot to Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

The widow being oppressed, the orphan wronged,
The taste of hunger, or a tyrant's reign,
And thousand more calamities besides,
To grunt and sweat under this weary life,
When that he may his full quietus make,
With a bare bodkin?

Hisservant is Montano, not Reynaldo.

Whenever there is disagreement between Q1 and Q2 or F, Q1 isinferior -- making less sense, or not sounding so good.

This question has been debated by scholars and professors throughout the ages.

(Note that Hamlet is obviously notreferring to the idea that there are no moral standards commonto the whole human race --as do certain contemporary "multiculturalists".

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

The Sacred Wood - Modernism Lab Essays - Yale University The central essay in The Sacred Wood is "Tradition and the Individual Talent." Most fascinating in an initial reading of this essay is Eliot's circling, complex ...

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

Hamlet's very long speech in his mother's bedroomis closely followed by Shakespeare.
There was an Englishtranslation in 1608, "The History of Hamblet" ; it borrowsShakespeare's "A rat!

[tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

Saxo confirms that Amleth's Scottishwife betrayed him and married Wiglek (Viglek), the man who had killed himin battle.

-- Wikipedia
Belleforest's "Histories Tragiques"was a book of stories in French from 1576.

The Sacred Wood is a collection of 20 essays by T

Christian Bale is Hamlet.
Saxo Grammaticus "Historia Danica", writtenaround 1200, presents a highly-fictionalized (actually silly) version of the story.

Eliot’s interior monologue 'The Love Song of J

In our era, organized crime leaderVincente Gigante is said to have feignedmadness.There is a historical novel, now hard to find, about the historical Hamletentitled "The War of Jutish Succession".
RoyalDeceit is a B-movie, not released in theaters,adapted from Saxo.

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Ammelhede exists to this very day, and in 1933 thelocal tourist board put up a stone with this memorial inscription:"Amled ypperste / Oldtids-snille / teed sig tåbe /Til H‘vnens time / Kaaret paating / Af jyder til konge/ H jsat han hviler / Paa Ammel Hede" ( = "Amledthe greatest / Craftiest of Old / Acted a fool / Until the hour ofrevenge / Elected at the "Ting" / by Jutes to be king / raised high he rests /at Ammel Heath" [my translation]) So next time you visit Denmark, stopby Ammelhede, a few miles to the south-east of Randers -- don't eventhink about visiting the bogus 'Hamlet's Grave' between Elsinore andCopenhagen!

My Essay on Eliot and Dante ..

Shakespeare's "Hamlet" was a remake of an already popularplay, based in turn on historical fiction, basedin turn on an episode from the Dark Ages, the lawless,might-makes-right era that followed the collapseof Roman-era civilization.The Historical Hamletwas the son of aDanish "King of the Jutes",who lived during the Dark Ages.

My Essay on Eliot and Dante - T. S. Eliot and Dante

In Ingmar Bergman's production of "Hamlet", Fortinbras'swords, "Bid the soldiers shoot!" is their signal topull out their guns and slaughter Horatio and the rest of thesurviving Danish court.