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The global financial crisis heightened interest in and increased calls for efficiency with respect to insolvency procedures, the insolvency aspects of the taking of security, rescue mechanisms, the accountability of decision makers in the context of insolvency, and the structuring of transactions involving credit and security. The aim of this course is to analyse from a UK perspective the different aspects of the insolvency and/or debt restructuring of corporations. To achieve this aim, the module covers the various procedures available in cases of insolvency and restructuring, the relationship between the general law of property and obligations and insolvency, the law of credit and security issues in the context of distress scenarios, and corporate rescue mechanisms. The course would enable students to identify common aspects in the dynamics, techniques and mechanisms to deal with distress scenarios and discover innovative trends in a continuously developing area.

This module will provide an understanding of the major principles of UK Company Law with particular reference to the legal and corporate governance rules imposed on the board of directors, the senior management and advisors. The module examines the nature and formation of companies, their constitution and the role of and legal responsibilities of management including the theoretical and practical issues involved in the direction and control of companies. The module considers agency theory and stakeholder theory upon which the modern UK and US corporate governance models are based. It will also review some of the most spectacular failures of governance mechanisms in recent years which led to the development of codes of best practice and legislation in the UK and the USA respectively. In addition specific criminal laws affecting businesses today will be considered such as The Bribery Act 2010 and the Fraud Act 2006 and the active management required of the issues raised as a consequence of such legislation. Learning is sustained by case studies and problem solving scenarios.

This module examines the Japanese yakuza-eiga (gangster film) in terms of its narrative form and ideological functions, including socio-political commentary on Japanese society from the 1930s to the present day. We will look at the work of such filmmakers as Ozu, Kurosawa, Suzuki, Fukasaku, Kitano and Miike to explore a range of issues, including the post-war occupation and 'democratisation' of Japan, its rapid industrialisation and the 'economic miracle', the mass migration from rural to urban areas and its social consequences, and the disengagement of large sections of society from the political, bureaucratic and business elite which runs the country. Students will also discuss such concepts as 'giri' (duty), 'ninjo' (honour) and 'jingi' (code) as facets of both the yakuza and national myth, and explore the themes of loyalty, betrayal and sacrifice, and the clash of traditional values with modernity. Finally, the module will consider the relationship between the Japanese and Hollywood gangster traditions through an examination of hybrid films which comment on the clash of codes and cultures.

Students will attend a weekly lecture and seminar; in addition there will be a scheduled screening of each week's main film.

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The Media Regulation and Media Law course considers a range of law and regulation which applies directly to the media, in a sector-specific manner. Wec begin by considering why, when and how the state will step in to regulate the ownership of the media (including, but not limited to, news and broadcast media) via the Ofcom licensing model and competition law. The course will then spend a number of weeks considering the regulatory approach taken in the context of serveral different media sectors and activities, looking at the pre-and post-Leveson regulation of the print press, both extra-legal and legal models, in the context of the evolving model of the press where much of it is now distributed online as well as or instead of in print. Next, we will consider the regulation of the broadcast media, both in terms of infrastructure (the licensing regime), and the regulation of content (Ofcom broadcasting rules, complaints procedure, and so on). Thirdly in this part of the course we will explore the issues raised by the advent of on-demand, online video content services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and look at how the law has responded to the need to provide some form of regulation of "television-like" content being distributed via this medium. Core to the economic model on which much contemporary media, whether print, broadcast, online or other, is based is advertising, and the module will give consideration to the legal and extra legal codes and procedures by which standards are set and maintained in the advertising industry. The final element of this course considers the regulation of journalism and newsgathering across all media sectors, in relation to reporting court proceedings. This part of the course will make particular reference to topics including Contempt of Court, Restrictions (statutory and judicial), and the right of journalists to refuse to divulge the identity of confidential sources of information. The question of how the commercial media's freedom of expression may assist in achieving the aim of open justice while also ensuring that other, important values such as the right to a fair trial or even the integrity of the court itself are appropriately upheld. The module will predominantly explore these themes in the context of English / UK /EU law, with reference to alternative jurisdictions and models as and where appropriate.

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The module aims to inform and educate students as to the issues affecting both the business community and the wider societal effects of the debate on corporate governance. As such the module will focus on the systems by which companies are or should be directed and controlled, particular emphasis will be given to:
self regulatory systems and their provenance, the UK Corporate Governance and associated Codes, Hostile Takeovers, and Case studies of extreme Corporate Governance failure eg. Enron and The financial crisis 2008 onwards.

As such students will have an enhanced knowledge of the issues surrounding various corporate governance industry and state regulatory perspectives on corporate governance. The module also aims to highlight future directions and trends in corporate governance.

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TRULY INTERNATIONAL, TRULY DIVERSE AWARD WINNERS The unique UKLA Book Awards are the only awards judged entirely by teachers, who are able to share the books with their classes and genuinely discover what works with young readers. Although the judges have made it a clean sweep of the Caldicott Medal, the Kate Greenaway Medal and now the UKLA 3 to 6 Award for Canadian author Jon Klassen, they have also awarded, for the first time, a book in translation, with Pushkin's very first book on their Children's list, and a novel from Tamarind, founded by Verna Wilkins in 1987 with the mission of redressing the balance of diversity in children's publishing.

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