[tags: National Women’s Suffrage Association]

[tags: National Women’s Suffrage Association]

The women’s suffrage movement dates back to 1776 the year the United States was founded.

Two of Hettie’s former pupils remembered her organising a “Votes for Women” concert in 1914, and they recalled enough of the song they sang to identify it as “The Suffragettes” by W. Smyth Cooper. I was very interested to see that you have a copy of it in your collection. Would it be possible to get some images of it? It would be wonderful to reconstruct the 1914 concert using school children from the same area.

My friend and I are Indiana co-representatives for Studio Art Quilt Associates, (SAQA), . As SAQA members we volunteered to launch a nine state regional call for entry for a traveling art quilt exhibit titled, Declaration of Sentiments 1848 – The Struggle Continues. This exhibit will honor those whom fought for women’s rights and highlight the fact that the battle is far from over. We are very respectable of copyrights and create original work or seek and receive permission before copying or creating derivatives of others. Your website is amazing and a treasure trove of inspiration. To obtain permission to use a specific image from your website or books to create art quilts would an artist contact you directly? Are you aware of a source to obtain public domain suffrage images? Thank you in advance for your consideration. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.

Thank you so much for your outstanding book on American Woman Suffrage Postcards. The clean presentation of the crisp and colorful cards with supporting narrative fascinates me. The researched writing is welcoming. We are fortunate you have assembled these historical gems and chosen to share them with us all. On top of that, you are willing to be available through your interactive website. Cheers!
You address one of my favorite views of any historical movement by including how “mock” cards were used to ridicule suffragists. That makes me wonder what future generations will think of our behavior today!
Thanks again for your dedicated and exemplary service.

Catholics were, as a whole, opposed to women’s suffrage.

• Many Women didn’t Want it. This rationale swayed many a male legislator. It is true that at times even well educated women in countries with high percentages of female illiteracy joined men who claimed that as long as the majority of women were still illiterate and ignorant, it would be dangerous to extend them the vote. The anti-suffrage groups in the U.S., for example, were mainly led by women.

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In 1848, the American women's rights movement started, during this movement, even though the leaders of the women’s rights advocated for the Reconstruction amendments , such as Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, these amendment did not promote women’s suffrage....

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The suffrage movement began as a struggle to achieve equal rights for women in 1872.

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A few years ago, while visiting the Grenwich market in London..I came across a small vintage stall selling various memorabilia…I was lucky enough to have bought an original suffragette tambourine with Votes for Women written on it and red and black ribbons attached.

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The Smithsonian Folkways Archive released a CD titled “Songs of the Suffragettes.” I believe the CD is a reproduction of a set of recordings done in the 1950s, though the songs were written during years of active woman suffrage activism. This might not be quite what you are looking for, but I’ve found the songs quite useful (and fun) in the college classroom.
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You have the best collection of suffragette music – I need copies of suffragette music to be performed at the Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls. Is there a book or are there public domain compendiums of suffragette sheet music? Please help!

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You make an intriguing association. My guess, though, is that the balloon and the flowers are decorative and have nothing to do with either Muriel Matters or with suffrage. To the best of my knowledge, the Women’s Social and Political Union, whose official colors these are (purple, green, and white), did not make such a piece. If they did, it would have been advertised in their weekly newspaper or at least written about. Moreover, when they did employ the use of their colors on an object that they produced, they generally used a bar motif, not flowers. You might be interested to know that there is a very active Muriel Matters Society in Australia.

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Women were incorporated in leading positions in an array of social reform endeavors, comprising of suffrage, equality, child welfare, and nonviolence (Haman, 2009).